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About EYSA

A non-profit serving over 8000 youth soccer players in our area, EYSA is a member of Washington Youth Soccer, the governing body of soccer in our state, and supports its mission to foster youth through soccer at all ages and levels of competition. We dedicate ourselves to providing soccer playing opportunities for kids ages 4-19, at the level they choose to play, from recreational to premier, and levels in-between. We support young soccer players, their families, referees, coaches and their teams involved in youth soccer in our area.


Serving Communities on the Eastside of Greater Seattle

We are a part of Washington Youh Soccer's Region II, and support youth soccer clubs within the boundaries of the Bellevue, Mercer Island and Issaquah school districts.

*Approximate areas

EYSA Member Clubs

We serve the EYSA member clubs listed below. Click on any of the club icons to go directly to the clubs' websites.

Stance on Social Equity

We join with Washington Youth Soccer in supporting and pursuing social diversity throughout our programs. We are committed to providing equal access to our programs for all of the youth of our area without bias towards race, color, religion, age, sex, income level, social status or national origin. In order to fulfill this commitment, EYSA expects all of our member clubs and teams to provide equal access to all programs, facilities and resources to all of the youth within our boundaries. EYSA believes that soccer is the game for all kids, and that by joining with Washington Youth Soccer and striving to reach, develop and serve all of the diverse communities throughout our state, we work to ensure that our belief becomes a reality.

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