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Select FAQs

Q: Are all players in Select given equal playing time?

No. Some players will play more than others. However, all players will be given fair playing time. U11 and U12 players should receive at least 50% playing time during league play unless there are discipline or attendance issues.

Q: Can players also play other sports while playing Select soccer?

Absolutely, and this is a great benefit of Select soccer. However, from August through State Cup in January/February it is expected that soccer will be the priority sport. Exception: high school age girls' season is November through February and State Cup thereafter.

Q: If I live outside the boundaries of my local EYSA club, can I still try out for that club's Select team?

Yes. While most of the players of any given clubs' Select team live in the area, tryouts are open to all age-appropriate players.

Q: What are the typical Select costs beyond the listed registration cost?

In addition to the registration fees, typical costs include:

  • Coach/Trainer: The range will be somewhere between $0 (volunteer coach) to $750/$1K per month per team during the time when the coach/trainer is truly "on" (ie August-November) and then some partial or whole % of that amount in other months. This amount would be split equally by all players on the roster. So, for a roster of 10 players (U10), the cost would be $75-100/month and for a roster of 18 players $40-55/month.
  • Uniform Kit: Uniform kit is approximately $200. This includes home and away jerseys, shorts, socks, warm-ups, practice jersey/t-shirt and kit bag/backpack.
  • Tournament Fees: approx. $150/player
  • Team Gear: approx. $25/player
  • Other costs related to travel may be present depending on team plans.

Q: What does the Club Select calendar look like?

Ultimately the schedule for any given team is up to the coach to determine, however here is a "typical" schedule:

  • April/May - tryouts, team formation and optional informal practices
  • June - practice twice per week, enter a "local" tournament
  • July - month off OR practice once per week, perhaps enter a tournament
  • August - practice twice per week - enter a tournament or two and make final preparation for the Fall league season
  • September to Mid-December - practice twice per week / play 10-12 league games (Saturdays for younger players - U-15 and above play on Sundays)
  • January and February - Practice twice per week. Enter State Cup (Founder's or President's Cup).
  • March and April --- "Rest" and then tryouts