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Practice FAQs

Q: We just signed up to play. When will the first practice be?

If you signed up for Micro or Mod soccer, a coach may not have been assigned to the team yet. Once a coach has been assigned, you will be contacted by the coach and given a practice schedule. Practices can start any time after August 1, but depend entirely on the coach. Most teams begin practice in mid to late August.

Q: How many Rec practices a week should we expect?

Ultimately it is up to the Rec coach regarding how many practices he/she schedules in the week. We recommend two per week, but sometimes weather and the schedule of the coach can limit that. In October, when it starts getting dark earlier, the practice slots may change to fewer days per week for each team and/or less time as well. Coaches will request a day and time that best suits them, not everybody gets their first choice of practice times.