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EYSA End-of-Season Jamboree (U8-U10), Sat - Sun, Nov 7-8

Last updated: Sep 12, 2015

And, we're off! The EYSA U8-U10 soccer season is underway! We kicked things off with a fun-filled soccer preseason jamboree, and will be wrapping it up with more of the same. We are excited to see kids having fun playing soccer.

Now that everyone has had time to look at the season schedule, you may have noticed that the last few games are listed as "TBD." These will be played during the 2015 EYSA End-of-Season Jamboree, on both Saturday and Sunday, Nov 7th and 8th.

Using a jamboree to wrap up our season will allow us to schedule the last few games based on results, so we can schedule like-v-like competition. We continue to have the same 10-game minimum for the season, but scheduling games over the jamboree weekend allows us to avoid pushing the season further into November with minimal light for after-school practice and potentially poor field conditions due to weather. Plus, it's a lot more fun when we get to see our young EYSA soccer community out in force!

What: The EYSA season wraps up with an End-of-Season Jamboree as part of the regular season schedule. All teams will play at least 2 and possibly 3 games over the course of the jamboree weekend. The format will be similar to the preseason event. Depending on field availability, game time duration may be reduced for the jamboree.

Who: All EYSA U8-U10 teams participate as part of a "mandaotry" end of the regular season.

When: Sat-Sun, Nov 7-8, 2015. Teams will have games on BOTH days. The complete jamboree schedules will NOT be available until late October after teams are seeded to ensure like-v-like competition. Teams will be seeded based on league results as of week 6.

Where: The jamboree will be played on a number of fields spread across Issaquah and Mercer Island.

Cost: The Jamboree is covered by fall registration. There is no additional fee.

More Info: For questions or further info, contact our EYSA Program Coordinator Kendra Allori.