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Coach Licensing FAQs

Q: How do I know if I need a coaching license?

Every coach is encouraged to obtain a coaching license. You can choose either between these USSF/National licenses taught by certified clinicians OR the EYSA Diploma clinics taught by EYSA certified clinicians. All clinic options are FREE to all EYSA coaches and offered at various times/dates in the spring, summer and fall.

Q: If I'm a first time coach for a U11 or older team…

It is recommended that you take an "F" license course, immediately followed by an "E" license if coaching U11 and above. The "E" clinic will cover concepts that coaches of teams U11 and older should have for a successful coaching year.

Q: Do I have to take an "F" license coaching clinic?

No. This is not required, just encouraged if you have the time. The more you learn, the more you can teach.

Q: When can I take a "D" license clinic?

An "E" license certificate is required before a coach can take the "D" clinic. In years past the E license could be "waived" given certain coaching or playing experience, but that option no longer exists.

Q: How much do the WYS license clinics cost?

The clinics vary in cost, but whatever the cost, EYSA has a policy for Coach License Reimbursement. Coaches must pay themselves first but then can have 100% of the clinic costs reimbursed! Coaches should apply through their clubs. Higher-level licenses ("D" and above) require pre-approval.

Q: I'm confused about the difference between the USSF F & E licenses and the EYSA 1/2/3 Diploma Clinics. Which one should I be pursuing as an EYSA coach?

All of these licenses are GREAT and in general you can't go wrong with any extra coaching education! However, here's the quick way to think about the differences:

ALL of these licenses/clinics are FREE. Both the F and E license clinics do cost money, but your local club will reimburse you for the cost of the clinic (but not for any travel costs, if applicable). The F and E Licenses are general courses; the EYSA Diplomas are detail oriented classes BUILT around the EYSA Playing Philosophy and Curriculum which is in turn based on possession soccer pillars.

  • The F is a 3 hour certification that is online
  • The E is a 20 hour certification that is done in class and on the field usually over a weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • EYSA Diplomas (1, 2 and 3) are 5 hours each usually spread out over 3 days. There are 3 levels of diplomas with each building on basic platforms and progressing from there.

Q: If I'm an experienced REC coach, will I be required to start with the Diploma 1 course, or can I just start in with the Diploma 2 course? Also, if I'm an experienced Select coach, will I be required to start with the Diploma 1 and 2 courses, or can I just start in with the Diploma 3 course?

  • Coaches who have already achieved their F license can pre-qualify directly into EYSA Diploma Clinic 2.
  • Coaches who have already achieved their E license can pre-qualify directly into EYSA Diploma Clinic 3.
  • Also, if you don't satisfy either of the above requirements, but still believe that you should be allowed to skip directly to an upper level EYSA license course, exemptions can/are granted by the EYSA Techhnical Directors. Exemptions, however, are rare for U8 and U9 coaches.