EYSA Coach Clinics

More opportunities are available this year through EYSA for both players and coaches. Our goal is to have all our players reach their highest comfort level with basic foot skills. We are working on a curriculum that will begin at U-8 and continue throughout their time here at EYSA.

Coaching Licenses

Whether you are a new coach or have been coaching for years, it's time to start thinking about which coaching license you will be obtaining this year. The Development Committee has put their heads together and come up with some great clinics for coaches. Some of you might be wondering which clinic to take. The following information should be helpful. 

How do I know if I need a coaching license?

Every coach should have a coaching license. These licenses can be obtained by taking an EYSA coaching clinic which are taught by WSYSA certified clinicians. The clinics are FREE to all EYSA coaches and offered throughout the summer. If you have already taken a basic coaching clinic (MOD or U8/U10 clinic), taking the next clinic can only increase your soccer knowledge.

If I'm a first time coach for a U11 or older team,

It is recommended that you take an E license if coaching U11 and above. The E clinic will cover concepts that U11 and up coaches should have for a successful coaching year. The MOD and U8/U10 clinics provide coaching techniques targeted at that age level. The material provided at these clinics is meant to provide an example of what the coach should teach at these age levels.

Do I have to take a U8/U10 coaching

No. If you are coaching a U10 team and have some coaching experience behind you, take the E clinic. The more you learn, the more you can teach!

When can I take a D clinic?

An E license certificate is required before a coach can take the D Clinic. The WSYSA Director of Coaching can waive the E license under one of the following circumstances…1) 4 years of college playing experience, 2) 2 years of professional playing experience AND 2 years of coaching experience at the WSYL (Premier) Level or 3) certified classroom instructor and 2 years high school coaching experiences. If you qualify for a waiver, please email the Director of WSYSA at wsysa@wsysa.com for a waiver certificate. The waiver must be attached to any EYSA Clinic Registration Form.

I have been a coach for years and don't have a

Think of it as expanding your horizons. Clinics provide not only knowledgeable clinicians to teach you new and exciting things about soccer, and you will meet fellow coaches to share experiences. Please feel free to contact your club Development Committee member with any questions. They are here to help answer any questions you have regarding development and clinics.



Attended Audience Description
D  U16 and older coaches, all Eastside FC and Club Select coaches, C license preparatory course Lecture/Video, injuries, field components - method & tactics, practice coaching, match analysis
E All coaches that play 11 a side Lecture, coaching methodology, team management, technical training, economical training, field principles, practical training sessions, take home review
U8/U10 Clinic U-8 to U-10 Coaches Basic coaching for players U10 and under, philosophy of coaching, characteristics of players, soccer injuries, risk management, practice sessions

2010 EYSA Coaches License Clinic Schedules TBD

Please check back regularly.  We are working on Coaches clinics starting in March.  You can also check the State web site for more information