EYSA Coaches Curriculum Training

August 25-28 2014 (schedule details below)

Beginner Track 1 & 2

The Beginner track is meant for coaches with little or no experience. The track will cover various activities and drills to properly implement EYSA Technical Warm Up - which is the most vital part of the player development curriculum.

Technical Warm Up items covered:

  • 1v1 Core moves
  • Ball Comfort touches and repetitions
  • Juggling improvement activities

Beginner tracks will also introduce:

  • Passing activities to teach proper Passing Technique
  • Introduction of Rondos as an activity to promote various development topics like Proper Receiving, Passing Technique, Off Ball Movement, Triangular Shape, Decision Making and Cleverness
  • Introduction of basic Patterns of Play to promote shape

Advanced Track 1 & 2

The Advanced track is meant for coaches with some to lots of experience. The track will cover various progressions built on top of and around the EYSA Technical Warm Up. Progressions will be taught that further challenge players to execute their skills in environments with less time/more pressure, less touches and more quality.

Technical Warm Up items covered:

  • 1v1 Core moves against a defender
  • 1v1 Core moves to keep the ball and/or get out of pressure
  • Advanced Ball Comfort touches and repetitions
  • Testing to prove Juggling improvement

Advanced tracks will also introduce:

  • Passing activities with limited touch
  • Rondo progressions like 4v0 with pace, 4v1, 3v1 4 Corners Rondo to promote shape, 5v2, limited touch, mandatory 2 touch (activities to promote Proper Receiving, Passing Technique, Off Ball Movement, Triangular Shape, Decision Making and Cleverness)
  • Patterns of Play passing drills to teach Passing Pace, Quality and Timing of Off Ball Movement
  • Combination Play & Choreography
  • Playing set pieces short to keep possession and promote discovery of advantages (i.e. short corner play)

West Location:
Mercer Island

Monday (Track 1) & Wednesday (Track 2) Aug 25th & 27th 6:30-8pm


East Location:

Tuesday (Track 1) & Thursday (Track 2) Aug 26th & 28th 6:30-8pm

International School (Bellevue) Turf Field

Eastside FC JR RCL Program U8 - U9 Spring 2014


- Kids having fun playing the game of soccer!

- Provide high level, premier coaches who will teach the fundamentals of the game

- Develop player's skills, confidence, initiative and sense of teamwork.

- Promote and encourage the very highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.


- Open on December 17: https://eastsidefc.org/programs/

- Placement on a team is guaranteed up until the date of January 20th. After this date, we will attempt to place every player, but teams may be full, so sign up early!

- No refunds will be given once the season has started.

*Please make sure your email address saved in your Korrio profile when you register is a parent contact (even though it may be your child's profile). This is the email we will use to contact you for updates and information about the Jr program.

Please note

- We will do our best to accommodate all training and friend/carpool requests but WE CANNOT MAKE GUARANTEES

Important Dates

- The season will run Feb/March/April

- Practices will start the week of February 4

- Training will be two times per week: Wed/Fri OR Tues/Thur

- Training time for all Jr teams will be 4:15pm - 5:30pm

- There will be 10 games total: Girls will play Saturday. Boys will play Sunday.

Teams & Coaching

There is not a tryout process for the Jr Program. Spring teams will first be formed by age then randomly to complete rosters. Practice night preferences, friend, and carpool requests will be consider for team formations but not guaranteed. Team roster size will be maximum 10 players for a 6v6 competition format. EFC coaches will be used.


Practice sessions will be a 1 hour and 15 minutes long, from 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM, and will be held twice a week at Preston, either Tue/Thu or Wed/Fri. Practice will start the first week in February on Monday, February 4.


The game format will be 6 a side, with each match having 25 minute halves. Girls will play Saturday and boys on Sunday. The season will be 10 games long. Spring games will be hosted between EFC at Preston, and Crossfire Premier at their facilities.


- $550 for new participants (includes cost of uniform)

- $500 for returning participants (without uniform)

$550 covers all costs associated with league fees, fields, referees, uniform and coaching fee. The uniform kit for the player to keep consists of two shirts, one short, and two pairs of socks.

About Eastside FC

Eastside Football Club was established in 1970 as a development program for players and families seeking the highest level of competition. Today, we have grown to a premier club of more than 50 teams that continue to win Washington State championships, produce collegiate level, national team and professional players, and young men and women of character. As a premier soccer club, Eastside FC provides families with a highly structured, comprehensive approach to player development. Behind every player is a supportive and diverse community of coaches and parents, who love the game of soccer. As coaches and parents, we embrace our role forging personal character as our players achieve success, and we know that what we impact each kid forever.

Questions? Send your email to juniorprogram@eastsidefc.org.

For more information: http://www.eastsidefc.org/U8-U9JrRCL/index_E.html



Eastside Football Club and Albion Soccer Club (a Southern California Premier Club consisting of over 50 teams), two nationally recognized soccer clubs on the west coast, have announced a strategic partnership that will focus on sharing best practices in areas like coach and player development, their club's competition models and efficiencies in club operations and service. Both clubs are highly competitive, have great reputations and histories of success on the national stage and most importantly share a similar set of values and aspirations. For more information, click here for press release.

In July at least seven Eastside FC teams will make the trip south for the annual Albion Cup which takes place July 21-23. The two clubs plan to host a joint hospitality tent for all teams. In addition, several Eastside FC teams are planning to arrive early in order to train with Albion SC counterparts and to enjoy an evening barbecue.

This is the beginning of a very exciting chapter in two elite clubs coming together in a very progressive way," said Albion SC Director of Coaching Noah Gins.

Eastside FC 94 Red Win National League Title

Eastside finished the season-long competition with a 6-1 record and a 17-1 goal differential, displaying consistent focus, determination and quality of play throughout. By winning their division, Eastside earned the right to compete in the US Youth Soccer National Championships in South Carolina this summer.

In 2011 Eastside had been within one match of winning their division, but dropped a 1-0 decision to Albion SC on the final day. This time, facing stiff competition that included six teams ranking in the top-20 nationally, the boys from Washington made no mistakes as they went undefeated through six matches. Their 5-0 victory over 94 HFC Red from North Carolina, the second win in two days, put them firmly on the top of the list. The only disappointment was a 1-0 loss to local team Downtown Rapids 95 on the final day of competition. A shutout victory would have made Eastside the only team in National League history to finish with a perfect record and no goals against.

Their appearance at the National Championships will be Eastside's second trip in two years. While they were knocked out of the Division Championships by Albion, the team came back to win the Region IV title and earn their ticket. Unfortunately Eastside ended up on the wrong end of a four-way tie decision and missed reaching the championship game. This year they look to avenge that result. "It is quite an honor to return after our 3rd place finish last year with a chance to try again," said Eastside head coach Dan Strom. "Very few players get the chance to play on that stage once, let alone two years running. I believe the boys will relish that opportunity!"

Six teams will compete at each age level during the July 23-29 National Championships. Four Regional winners, who will be determined in a series of June competitions, and the Red and Blue National League winners will face off for the right to be called the best in the nation. Already on the list with Eastside are Galaxy 94/95 Blue from Naperville, Illinois, who took the U17 Boys Blue Division title.

Coach Strom is justifiably proud of his team, and believes that the National League competition has helped to strengthen the club's program. "The National League is a great opportunity for top level teams to play against phenomenal opponents," Strom explained. "The teams we've played in the National League have all given us a challenge and been a great opportunity to develop as a team and as individual players, and also to show for college coaches. So we are really fortunate and lucky to be a part of this."

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