Member Club Registration

2014-2015 Age Chart

U19 Players born 8/1/95 and younger U12 Players born 8/1/02 and younger
U18 Players born 8/1/96 and younger U11 Players born 8/1/03 and younger
U17 Players born 8/1/97 and younger U10 Players born 8/1/04 and younger
U16 Players born 8/1/98 and younger U9 Players born 8/1/05 and younger
U15 Players born 8/1/99 and younger U8 Players born 8/1/06 and younger
U14 Players born 8/1/00 and younger U7 Players born 8/1/07 and younger
U13 Players born 8/1/01 and younger U6 Players born 8/1/08 and younger

Registration at EYSA is done by each individual Club. Recreational, Select, and Premier type play are available.

Recreational Play: Registration is primarily done April 15th through June 1st each year. After June 1st, registration is taken on a space available basis. Players are randomly placed by school on age appropriate teams. To determine your child's playing age check where their birthdate falls on the age chart above.

Select Play: Club Select play is offered by 4 of our 5 recreational Clubs. This program is geared toward the skilled player who prefers more competitive play, but not the year around commitment.

Premier Play: EYSA offers Washington State Youth League (Premier) play through the Eastside F.C. Club. Teams are available for U-11 through U-19 players, with U-11 and U-12 acting as developmental teams. Teams play almost year around. Tryouts are traditionally held in March, the first weekend after the State Cups.

Club Registrars: The EYSA Club Registrars have already been hard at work for several months preparing for registration this Spring. We are extremely fortunate to have another great group of dedicated registrars. This task is very time consuming, and stressful, so please thank these dedicated folks next time you see them.



Phone #



Lee Ann Delmendo (Seelct)

Jody Steere (Rec)

Eastside F.C. Colleen deCillia

Rozana Knutson (Rec)
Lake Hills Amy Hunt
Mercer Island

Mindy Rowe Micro/Rec

Catheryn Nguyen Select

"Not Available"

Newport Brinda Virden "Not Available"

Most clubs send registration forms in mid-April. Be sure to act quickly. When open registration closes, players are then taken on a space available basis. Also if you are a returning player, and you register after open registration closes, you lose the option to automatically be placed back on your team from last year.

Birth Certificates: The first time a player registers with an EYSA Club it is mandatory that we have a copy of a certified birth certificate (hospital, and baptismal certificates are NOT acceptable). Military ID and passports are acceptable. A certified copy of a birth certificate can be obtained from the State in which your player was born. Registrars have been encouraged to return registration forms to those who are missing this information.

Season Length: U-7 (age 6) player clinics are 6 to 8 weeks depending on your Club. U-8 through U-19 recreational teams play a 9 to 11 game season. All games are played on Saturday for U-8 through U-13. U-14 through U-19 recreational teams play on either Saturday or Sunday. U-11 and older select and WSYL (Premier) teams play a 14 week season. Teams may choose to participate in tournaments in addition to the regular season.

Uniforms: These can be purchased from your Club, however each player is required to purchase soccer cleats, shin guards and a proper size ball. Every player should also bring a water bottle to all games and practices.

Practices: Each team coach sets practice times to his/her convenience. Practice days will be made known to you by the coach in August. With the exception of some of the Eastside F.C. (Premier) teams, all of our coaches are volunteers.

Cost: Please consult your Club as costs vary due to differences in field costs and programs offered. In general fees are not refundable except in the case of injury, or relocation out of the area, prior to the start of the season.

Player Clinics and Camps: Currently EYSA offers a Goalie Clinic in August. Other player clinics are offered by the Issaquah Club. Although we have listed links to some soccer camps, EYSA has chosen not to recommend any one soccer camp over another, outside of those offered by EYSA.


Eastside FC: Washington State League Teams Premier)

Bellevue Youth Soccer Club: North of I-90, West of 405

Issaquah Youth Soccer Club: Issaquah School District

Lake Hills Youth Soccer Club: North of I-90, East of 405, South of Redmond

Mercer Island Youth Soccer Club: Mercer Island School District

Newport Youth Soccer Club: South of I-90, West of Issaquah, North of Renton