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Tips for Team Management

Tips for Team Management

  • Use team management software or a website (e.g., TeamSnap, Shutterfly,...) Once you have the player and parent information entered, it is easy to organize your team.

  • Let your team manager handle as much as possible so you aren't doing too much

  • Attendance... Other than asking the families to mark whether their daughter will attend a practice or game, don't ask for explanations why someone did not attend. As coaches, it's our job to make practice fun, and if we do, kids will want to be there.

  • Do find an assistant coach that knows soccer and can help you at practice and during games. It's especially important to have help at practice when you break the players into smaller groups.

  • If another team asks for a game to be moved, do not immediately say "yes."

    • You may need to verify field availability.

    • Check to make sure the new time works for your players and families.

    • If the change would negatively impact your players, then "I'm sorry, I tried, but was unable to have the game moved" is a perfectly reasonable response.

  • Communicate with the parents periodically so they know what is going on.