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Select & Premier FAQs

Q: How is the EYSA Club Select program different from the Recreational program?

Club Select soccer offers a level of competition quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but typically a tier lower than Premier soccer. EYSA teams play in the North Puget Sound League (Bellevue to Bellingham, WSYSA Districts 1 and 2). Teams are placed in divisions within these leagues based on team strength with like opponents. Teams typically play in 1-3 summer tournaments, a 12-game fall league (except high school girls who play Nov-Feb), and then the WSYSA Founders Cup or Challenge Cup in the winter and early spring months. There is also opportunity for a 6-match Spring league that some of our teams choose to play in. The time commitment for Club Select is quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer, but soccer doesn't take over players' lives. Select teams typically play 8-10 months of the year (although some choose to play year-round) and play 25-35 matches during that time. Teams typically practice twice per week (but sometimes 3 times/week) for 3 hours total. The atmosphere at games and practices is more focused, and there is a high emphasis on technical, tactical, physical, and mental development. While the soccer gets more serious, the main goals are still having fun, growing as individuals and as a team, getting healthy exercise, learning life lessons, competing at the appropriate level and playing a game we love with our friends.

Q: How does Club Select soccer differ from the Premier (EFC) program?

The differences between Select and Premier are less severe than between Rec and Select. There is typically (especially if you compare a Select "A" team to a Premier "A" team) an obvious difference in skill set, quality and speed of play and quality of competition. In addition:

  • Club Select usually plays 8-10 months per year while Premier usually demands year-round play, with a break often scheduled to coincide with winter holidays.
  • Club Select offers highly skilled and experienced paid and sometimes volunteer coaches while Premier has only full-time paid coaches who are typically more experienced with a higher level of coaching certification.
  • Club Select costs (while varying per club) are approximately $1,000 per year while Premier can be $2,100 (or more outside our area) per year not including the extra travel involved.
  • Club Select expects soccer to be top priority during fall and early winter but understands that other sports may take priority during late winter, spring and even part of summer. Most Premier teams expect soccer to be priority for most of the year.

Q; What are my options for playing Premier level soccer within EYSA?

EYSA offers a single great option for Premier soccer --- that is Eastside FC (EFC). Premier soccer is intended for players looking for development at the highest levels. The individual EYSA clubs all offer Club Select programs, but if you feel that your child is ready for year-round, top flight soccer, you can contact and tryout for Eastside FC.

Q: How is EFC different from Crossfire Premier?

EFC is the Premier club option for EYSA and Crossfire is the Premier club option for the Lake Washington Soccer Association. Crossfire Select is the equivalent program to EYSA's Club Select programs.