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Registration FAQs

Q: When is registration?

High-school age boys generally have tryouts and registration in the February/March timeframe. Other age groups vary, but typically begin on April 1st and continue thru early/mid-June. See the registration pages of each of the different EYSA clubs for more information. Please note that if your child is playing for the first time we require a copy of a birth certificate for proof of age. With online registration, it is important to know that your child will be fully paid and registered at the conclusion of the registration process, but isn't guaranteed a spot on a team until a copy of a birth certificate is received by the Club. Registration is done online and typically advertised in local papers, with signs and flyers at local schools.

Q: How much does it cost?

Please see each clubs' registration page for current costs as they vary slightly by club. There may also be a penalty for late registration. Also, if you register late, there is no guarantee that you will be placed on the same team as last year. Registration amounts are a factor of costs to bring you the facilities and administration required to run the soccer club. Field maintenance and rentals are a big slice of the budget. These costs increase every year.

Q: What ages are supported through EYSA?

EYSA clubs and teams support Girls and Boys programs for U6 through U18. Ages are referred to as U-xx, where the 'U' indicates "under", and xx is the age. So, U-8 indicates an age group that is under 8 years old at the time of cutoff. Each EYSA club usually maintains an Age Chart to help to determine your child's U-xx level.

Q: Are scholarships available?

Most EYSA clubs offer some form of "scholarship" or discounts in the form of reduced registration costs. You will need to contact the specific clubs to understand how to qualify and what the discounts are. Beyond the registration scholarships, uniforms costs and team fees are still applicable, but historically most teams work together to help scholarship players in this area.

Q: Is it possible to have my son/daughter register and play on two different soccer teams?

Players can only be rostered to only one United State Soccer Federation (USSF) affiliated team during League play in EYSA (U8-U12) or District II (U13-U19) seasons and Recreational Cup (U11-U19). Being rostered to only one USSF team is a requirement to participate in EYSA, District II, and Recreational Cup. Playing for teams not affiliated with USSF such as school teams, indoor soccer, and CYO is acceptable.

The only players eligible to compete in league games for a team are the players on the official roster as issued by the registrar. Other players may not play as a "guest" in league or State Cup games regardless of whether the player might be a member of another EYSA club team. Such "help" could result in forfeit of games.