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Referee Resources

About Referees

  • Job Description
  • Division of Labor (Center Refs, ARs, Fourth Officials and Reserve Assistant Refs)
  • It's Harder Than It Looks

Laws of the Game

  • Governance of Soccer
  • Rules of the Game
  • Most Misunderstood Rules of Soccer

Respect Your Ref

  • Respect Your Referee
  • Coaches Need to Model and Reinforce Respectful Behavior

Become a Referee

  • We Need Referees!
  • How To Become a Referee
  • When's the Best Time To Start?
  • Already a Referee? Need Re-certification?

Ref-In-Pool Program

  • Ref-In-Pool Program for Select, U10+ Premier and U13+ Recreational Teams
  • Why should referees in the pool be adults?

Referee Evaluations

Referee Clinics

Referee Assignment

  • How Referees are Assigned
  • Do I have Referees for my Home Game?
  • No Referee For Your Game? What Do You Do?

EYSA Referee Assignors

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