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Washington Youth Soccer Coach Licensing Clinics

Whether you are a new coach or have been coaching for years, you need to think about which coaching license you will be obtaining this year. We've broken down the options below for you in a handy table and some FAQs.

A unique combination of three of the eight new Grassroots Licenses (replacing the E and F Licenses) now formally represent the prerequisite to progress to the U.S. Soccer D License. New coaches will use the U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center to sign up for, and complete, a minimum of three grassroots courses, in the form of two in-person courses and one online course. Here's a brief overview of the new Grassroots program. Grassroots Coaching Clinic

Click here for info from Washington Youth Soccer regarding clinic schedules.

Clinic Target Audience Description
  • U16 and older Coaches
  • All Eastside FC coaches
  • Selected Club Select Coaches
  • 2 weekends (Fri evening, Sat and Sun)
  • Lecture/Video, injuries, field components -- method and tactics, practice coaching, match analysis
  • Prerequisite for C License
  • Cost of the license will be refunded by EYSA after successful completion of the course.
  • Cost: $515

The U.S. Soccer F and E Coaching courses will no longer be offered to new candidates as a part of the U.S. Soccer Coaching License Pathway. Instead, new Grassroots Course opportunities have been developed and added to the pathway, replacing the existing starting phase of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway.

Coaches who currently hold the U.S. Soccer E License will be able to proceed directly to the U.S. Soccer D License course (no development period) after completing the (cost free) Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module.

Those that hold the F License will have the ability to move to the D License course after completing the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module along with the 11v11 in-person course and one additional in-person grassroots course opportunity, either the 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9.

For key FAQ's regarding WYS and EYSA licensing clinics, please explore our FAQs on this subject.