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Coach & Volunteer FAQs

Q: How are EYSA and its associated clubs managed and administered?

EYSA is powered by volunteers, particularly parent coaches without whom our programs would be impossible. Coaches not only put in hours on the sidelines (no matter the weather!), but also behind the scenes developing practice and game plans to create a fun and educational experience for our children. Any coach will tell you the rewards far outweigh the effort, but it's nice to have help!

Q: How can I volunteer?

Please consider volunteering to support EYSA soccer. There are many opportunities beyond coaching, from Team Parent, to helping at Club events, to serving on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in volunteering, every club has a general information email that you can use to contact the club to identify opportunities.

Q: Does EYSA employ volunteer or paid coaches?

It depends. All EYSA recreational program coaches are required to be volunteer-only coaches. However, EYSA funds a myriad of clinics and trainings (including coach license clinics) to help our volunteer coaches build their soccer and coaching knowledge and expertise. For Select and Premier (EFC) programs almost all of our coaches are full W2 paid employees. There are a few instances where clubs have elected to retain volunteer Select coaches where they have still kept the quality bar high in spite of the volunteer status. Every EYSA club uses a highly selective interview process to choose their Select and Premier coaching staff. Assistant coaches (if applicable) are then chosen by the head coach and must be approved by the Club.

Q: What coaching qualifications are required? What do they mean?

EYSA has a long history of attracting and retaining an excellent coaching staff. EYSA places a high emphasis on coaching education. To be considered for a Select or Premier head coaching position, a coach must have a US Soccer "E" License (or show equivalent knowledge and plan to take the course in the first year). Coaches are encouraged to complete their D license the following year. To coach U15 and above, a State "D" License is required, and we highly recommend coaches pursue the National "D" license and beyond. In addition, most of our coaches have impressive playing histories, including some with professional careers and National Team experience.

Q: I'm confused about the difference between the USSF F & E licenses and the EYSA 1/2/3 Diploma Clinics. Which one should I be pursuing as an EYSA coach?

All of these licenses are GREAT and in general you can't go wrong with any extra coaching education! However, here's the quick way to think about the differences:

ALL of these licenses/clinics are FREE. Both the F & E license clinics do cost money, but your local club will reimburse you for the cost of the clinic (but not for any travel costs, if applicable). The F & E Licenses are general courses; the EYSA Diplomas are detail oriented classes BUILT around the EYSA Playing Philosophy and Curriculum which is in turn based on possession soccer pillars.

  • The F is a 3 hour certification that is online
  • The E is a 20 hour certification that is done in class and on the field usually over a weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • EYSA Diplomas (1, 2 and 3) are 5 hours each usually spread out over 3 days. There are 3 levels of diplomas with each building on basic platforms and progressing from there.

Q: If I'm an experienced REC coach, will I be required to start with the Diploma 1 course, or can I just start in with the Diploma 2 course? Also, if I'm an experienced Select coach, will I be required to start with the Diploma 1 and 2 courses, or can I just start in with the Diploma 3 course?

  • Coaches who have already achieved their F license can "pre-qualify" directly into EYSA Diploma Clinic 2.
  • Coaches who have already achieved their E license can "pre-qualify" directly into EYSA Diploma Clinic 3.
  • Also, if you don't satisfy either of the above requirements, but still believe that you should be allowed to skip directly to an upper level EYSA license course, exemptions can/are granted by the EYSA Techhnical Directors. Exemptions, however, are rare for U8 and U9 coaches.