2016 Referee Awards

Appreciating our EYSA Referees

Ken Robertson, EYSA's Director of Referees, knows a thing or two about officiating our favorite sport, and always appreciates those who dedicate their time to making the beautiful game possible for our Eastside youth. "We especially appreciate those who seek experience and training, are willing to pick up the more competitive games, and always seem to be willing to help out in a pinch," says Robertson. "That's why we are introducing three new awards for our EYSA referees for the 2016 season. We want to recognize the tremendous dedication and effort by our game officials."

Thomas Bowler, an EYSA 2016 Referee of the Year

Congratulations, and a $100 check, are in order for:

  • Woo Young Kim (16), Rookie of the Year, awarded to the best new EYSA referee.
  • Kenichiro (Ken) Furukawa (25), Most Dedicated Referee - U8-12 (aka the "Workhorse Award"), given to the referee who officiated the most U8-U12 Rec games
  • Thomas Bowler (19), Most Dedicated - U11-12 Referee (aka "Experienced-Ref-of-the-Year Award"), awarded to the referee who officiated the most U11 and U12 Rec games